1.- Do not touch your eyelashes, it is simple advice, although your eyelash extensions are durable, they are fragile, the less you touch them the better.

2.- The makeup. Do not overdo it, then you will have to eliminate it and you can harm them.

3.- Wash your face carefully, without rubbing your eyes too much.

4.- Beware of seawater and swimming pools, if you get chlorine or salt in your eyes, you will try to rub them and that can cause you to lose them.

5.- It is not necessary to comb them in excess, you would weaken your eyelashes.

6.- Wash your eyelashes with a small massage and clear water, do not use cleansing cotton discs, they can leave you particles that would damage them.

7.- Use specific masks

8.- Comb the eyelash extensions with a silicone comb or one with specific bristles for extensions.

9 .- Do not throw them even if you have some tangle, try combing them and if you can not, approach Anthony Jay to help you.

10.- Do not use eyelash curlers, they always give pulls and you would end them.

Think that eyelash extensions are durable, but not eternal. So you should heed the advice we will give you in Anthony Jay when we put them on.